Compositions – multi-part

Martin has been writing his own music for as long as he can remember. Here is some of his work – feel free to download for personal use, though please request permission for recordings and performances. They are split between tunes and other work, such as string quartets and SATB choral arrangements.

This page lists some of Martin’s other compositions and arrangements. If you would like individual parts of any of the pieces listed below, please get in touch.

The Waltz that is in A MinorThe Waltz that is in A Minor (2002)

This was the first string quartet piece that Martin wrote, to take to a regular string quartet weekend course he attended throughout his secondary school years.


With a swingWith a swing (2004)

Written for the string quartet Martin played with at the time, this piece was never played.

MIDI file


The UnknownThe Unknown (2005)

String quartet. This was the last of a series of quartet pieces Martin wrote and performed on the twice-yearly quartet courses he attended as a teenager. In 2006 he entered it into the BBC Young Composers competition.


MinuetMinuet and trio (2005)

Quartet for three violins and viola. Martin wrote this for a school Christmas concert.



Brahms waltzBrahms Waltz (2006)

Not an original composition, but an arrangement of a Brahms piano waltz for a quartet of thee violins and viola.



TrepidationTrepidation (2006)

Written as Martin finished School and went off to start University, the style of the piece and inclusion of Dave Richardson’s jig “Calliope House” in the middle section was representative of Martin’s shift in style away from classical and more towards folk. This was to be his last quartet piece to date. Martin performed it with fellow students at a college Christmas Concert.


TrepidationGood night and Joy be with you (2013)

SATB version of a traditional song. There are many versions of the words, and for this setting Martin picked his favourite bits from a variety of sources.