Compositions – tunes

Martin has been writing his own music for as long as he can remember. Here is some of his work – feel free to use. They are split between tunes and other work, such as string quartets and SATB choral arrangements.

The tunes haven’t been listed with chords as Martin doesn’t want players to feel constrained by what’s written, but get in touch if you would like suggestions.

Catherine's jigCatherine’s jig (2004)

Martin wrote this tune for his band Katuisha. Catherine also played fiddle with the band.



Slip on iceSlip on ice (2005)

This tune came to Martin as he was sitting at home in the freezing cold trying to find a new slip-jig set to teach people at a session the following day.


Spittal HillSpittal Hill (2007)

Martin wrote this tune to teach at a workshop he was leading at a Quaker Summer Gathering at Stirling University. He stayed in a chalet in an area of the campus called Spittal Hill.


Naughty NaomiNaughty Naomi (2007)

Martin wrote this for his friend Naomi’s birthday.



Take three to playTake three to play (2007)

This was written for Patrick’s birthday, another friend of Martin. Patrick and Martin had recently spent time learning several three-two hornpipes so Martin thought he’d have a go at writing one himself.


Knot colouringKnot colouring (2008)

During a topology lecture, Martin got distracted from drawing pictures of knots and links and decided to write a tune about them instead.


Patricks waltzPatrick’s waltz (2008)

Another tune written for Patrick’s birthday.



The fruity nutcakeThe fruity nutcake (2010)

A tune written for Martin’s then housemate Alex’s birthday, with tribute to “mad as a march hare” Elise and “fruity as nutcake” Rob.



Gorse and brackenGorse and bracken (2012)

Written during a train journey from when Martin was living in Cornwall, gorse and bracken were things that Martin as a child associated with holidays in Cornwall with his parents, walking on the South West Coast Path. Written for Back to Square One, though the band never got round to playing it.

Purple and greenPurple and green (2013)

For the birthday of the very lovely Hannah Norman.