Martin can teach you to play the fiddle too! His enthusiasm is infectious, and he will have you playing tunes in no time.

Experienced in teaching students across a range of abilities, Martin particularly enjoys teaching folk styles to classically trained players.

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Steph, Cornwall (2013): I found Martin to be an excellent teacher whose enthusiasm and knowledge of folk fiddle meant each lesson was interesting and enjoyable with a good mixture of technical skills practice with learning folk songs. I felt I was making real progress which was especially encouraging as I was returning to playing the violin as an adult having briefly learnt as a teenager. I would recommend Martin’s tuition and would still be a pupil if we didn’t now live in different parts of the country!

Susannah, London (2014): I had always wanted to learn to play the fiddle, and finally, at the age of 30, got the chance.  I was worried that it might be too late to learn, but Martin was the perfect teacher – endlessly patient, competent, with an interesting programme of lessons – and within a few months I went from being unable to play a note to being able to play accompaniments at pub music sessions.  I have now moved out of London but through Martin’s lessons have gained the confidence to develop my skills independently in the future – not to be sentimental, but being able to turn an inanimate object into music never loses its magic.  I would heartily recommend Martin as a teacher for anyone wanting to learn the fiddle.