Our prices usually start from £750 for bookings in London. This roughly speaking breaks down as follows:

£150 each for musicians’ fees, £50 for use of the sound equipment £100 split between travel costs and administration (marketing, website upkeep, dealing with enquiries and so on).

We try to keep our costs as reasonable as possible. If you’re not sure about something, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.

Get in touch to get a quote for your event.

Silver Street Ceilidh Band is a fixed-lineup band, so only normally performs when every band member is able to make the date – they don’t offer a smaller lineup option or ‘dep’ out band members unless specifically agreed with the client. That means if you book Silver Street Ceilidh Band you’ll get Martin calling the dances and on fiddle, Beth on lead fiddle, Joe on button accordion and Will on keys!

NOTE: Many bands, particulary London-based bands, operate from a ‘pool’ of musicians. These are often very good (we all individually also perform with other such groups), but you don’t know for definite who you’ll get, and in any case it’s unlikely to be as slick and tight as a fixed lineup such as ours.